Customs Brokerage

Otimo means excellence which is the driving force behind our team of qualified professionals who have been servicing the customs industry for over 30 years.   The modernization of global trade around the world has increased the requirement for service providers to do more, not less, at ensuring that an importer can experience timely customs release that is accurate and meets regulatory requirements.  The OC is focused on people, our relationships and the customer service standards that we strive to exceed each day.  It is not what we do, it is how we do it which has set us apart from the industry.  CARM is coming and it is our vision to do more with and for you so that we can ensure you are informed, educated and part of the process.   We care about you and the process.

Transportation & Logistics

The OC offers a full scope of LTL, TL, flat deck and logistics with specialization in consolidation and deconsolidation services anywhere in North America through a strategic partnership with BLM logistics.  Whether a shipment is direct, consolidated or needs to be deconsolidated, reefer, dry or oversized our team can help.   It is our attention to detail that makes the difference as we move freight between US and Canada. Click here to get a quote.

Trade Compliance

 Compliance is not an option and should be a priority for every importer as Customs’ continue to tighten enforcement measures by expanding program initiatives, targeted compliance and increasing penalties by all levels of the government involved in trade.  The OC’s Trade Compliance group has a qualified team of trained professionals that have focused on advocacy and informed compliance through active participation in the Customs, logistics and trade industries for over 30 years.  Our team are tariff classification specialists with proven success in valuation and origin rulings, audit support, voluntary disclosures, drawbacks, transfer pricing, Safe Food for Canadians (SFCR) certification, SIMA application and/or  Transport Canada/Health Canada import requirements.  It is a shared responsibility by an importer and their customs professional to ensure that when you hear the words “advocacy”,  “informed compliance” or “Reason to Believe” that you actually know what they mean before an AMPS penalty has been issued.  As we approach the new world of CARM an importer must ensure they have a strong partner focused on helping you manage your risk. Compliance is a choice but enforcement is not only mandatory, it is legislated.

Facilitative Coaching

The OC develops and administers facilitative coaching & leadership programs that are an integral part of an organizations’ supply chain management from day to day customs and logistics management, compliance controls but also onboarding/succession within teams and C level reporting .   It is important that even at the C level that there is an understanding and standard for setting internal controls for corporate governance, reporting, and data collection to ensure operational efficiencies that limit exposure to risk, penalties and potential problems that could impact your supply chain. Global trade is a world of acronyms that speaks a language that is understood by few.  You may have possibly heard of SWI, CARM, CFIA, B2B, B2C, block chain or even the PIL, WACM, CACM, eManifest or D4 messaging but do you know how they work, are connected or could impact you?  In order to minimize your exposure to risk you must  ensure your staff are equipped with the tools they need to operate within global trade.  Visit our Coaches Corner to learn more.

Customs & Logistics Consulting

Our customs and logistics consulting team work with you to review your current processes combined with your future business forecast and apply our 30 years of expertise to helping you develop a customized solution for your global customs & supply chain.  Our LEAN certified consultants work directly with your team to find efficiencies that can help minimize costs and maximize profits and ensure supply chain effectiveness. 

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is about moving from A-Z from anywhere around the world which can include multi modes of transport that may require specialized equipment and/or pick up from origin and delivery from port.  The OC works with reputable freight forwarders that have proven track records but also takes the time to help you understand your INCO terms and where the transfer of risk takes place under these modes of transportation.

NRI- Non Resident Importers

There are importers and there are Non Resident importers.  A Non Resident Importer (NRI) is considered any company that is registered to import into Canada but is not a registered Canadian company.   As a NRI you are paying all duties and taxes required to the CBSA for importations but there could be regulatory requirements to your Canadian client that are also required.  As a NRI is not Canadian it is reasonable for one to assume that there are rules, registration and security that must be in place before any importations can take place.  The OC are industry leaders on setting up and working with an NRI to ensure that all registration, regulatory and documentation are in place prior to importing.  Click on this link to walk through a guide to becoming a NRI for Canada.

Why the OC?

We will exceed your expectations by the standards in excellence we have developed through our experience, strategic partnerships and industry knowledge. Our commitment is to you for a personalized service that you can rely on to be direct, honest and integral to your operations through strong communication, compliance and coaching.  We want to be your partner and as we have seen the import  industry shift from paper to electronic, multi interface systems to single window and broker liability to import liability it is this knowledge based experience that makes The OC a premium provider within our industry.    If we don’t know the answer, we find the answer.  We make the difference because we choose to be Otimo in everything we do!!